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March 17, 2012
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"CJ, it's pretty crappy out, can we hurry this up?" An elegant yet soaked Ninetales asked, nudging her Lucario partner as the wind whipped her already slightly messed up hair over her opposite eye. She inhaled and blew on the plume of headfur, having it return into place once more.

"Yeah, I think we can go in now. Looks like there is only one inside, maybe two tops. Something didn't feel really right. Thanks for staying and scouting the location with me though." Her partner grinned, turning and looking down.

"No problem, but I'm not waiting in the rain anymore. We're gonna go in there and make sure all the paperwork gets filed... Again..." Scarlet huffed, walking to the door. CuJario approached the door as well, knocking on it as it swung open rapidly.

Come in, come in! My goodness, come in! I can't believe you've been waiting outside in the rain all this time! You could have knocked earlier, you know!

CuJario and Scarlet remained silent, turning and looking at each other before proceeding inward.

My name is Callahan, or Calla, for short. I'm the guild registrar, you know. I'm quite good at it!

"I sure hope so. Last thing I'd want to be is stuck waiting out there in the rain because  
you ended up with more paperwork than you could handle." CuJario grinned, feeling the warmth of the building start to flow around and beneath his cloak.
Having a feeling of the room being alive, it was a bit unsettling for the Lucario, as if there was a sensation of slight urgency in the very air. However CuJario dismissed it as being in a room with two Ninetales, possibly the warmth their fur gave off in enclosed spaces.

Oh, please allow me to take your belongings, they're all wet! I'll just hang them in front of the fireplace to dry as we go over the formalities.

"Fine, fine, the paperwork is in there though." CuJario replied, slipping a folder out of his cloak and placing it on the desk before removing it and hanging it up, along with his bandana, sash, and Scarlet's bell collar.

And the paperwork, of course! There will be a lot of that, don't you worry one bit!

"Oh, lovely. More." Was the only logical response both members of Team FUBAR could come up with.

You do have the forms that we've mailed you filled out, yes? That does always make things go much quicker here.

"Yeah, those are on your desk right there." CuJario sat down on one of the chairs before the large wooden edifice in the room. It seemed to loom over the chairs in a way that would probably make Calla seem more intimidating, if it was needed.

What's this? These forms are soaking wet.. and the ink has run! Goodness, we're in for a lot more paperwork than I could have hoped to dream of!

"If you wanted me to fill it out again, the least you could do is not yank my chain. I don't have time for shit that doesn't need doing." CJ started to growl, before one of Scarlet's tails muffled almost all of what he said. But he continued to speak anyway, despite it going unheard.

No matter, I have spare forms, and all the time in the world! I trust you have no pressing appointments yet, so I'll write down your information now! Calla spoke with a more peppy tone, ignoring what the Lucario had to say.

"Fine, fine, just give me the forms, please." CuJario held out a paw, grimacing a bit as he was given the stack of paperwork.

With your help, of course.

CuJario bared his teeth at the paperwork, not happy at all about it. Calla smirked a bit while turning around, getting a quill and some ink.

"Don't worry CJ, we'll get it done as quick as we can." Scarlet smiled, patting him on the shoulder with a paw. She tried to put on a farce so at least CJ would know he wasn't alone.

Let's get right down to it, shall we? My fastest time for entering a team in the official guild registrar is a touch under a few hours; let's see if we can break the record!

"Former Lieutenant 'Redbody' CuJario." CJ spoke, seeing the Ninetales get down the information.

"Scarlet" His Ninetales partner smiled. "Nice to meet you Calla." She introduced herself.

Ahh.. what.. commo- er, good names you all have! How do you spell them?

Both CuJario and Scarlet spelled out their names carefully, making sure Calla wouldn't botch that up. CJ however had to resist the urge to fire a bullet punch at the paperwork-loving Ninetales when he nearly insulted his partner's name.

Interesting spelling! Are you foreign? French, perhaps?

"Yes, and no. I'm not able to talk about where I'm from, or the specifics of what I did." CuJario stated, looking at Scarlet.

"No and no... Wait, what's French?" She looked back at CuJario, who was still glaring at Calla.

Ah, no, forget it, France is just made up here, you know. Often used as comic relief. Er, just forget that. The Ninetales waved off, smiling and ignoring CJ's piercing glare.

Moving on!

What alias do you wish to give you lot of fellows? I hope it's something good! I've been so bored by Pokemon insisting to use a name like "Team Awesome" or anything of the sort. More like "Team Mediocrity," I like to think! I'm sure you have a much more original name.

"Team FUBAR." CuJario spoke quickly, leaning back in his chair a bit, and seeming a bit taller. He for once looked a bit proud of the name.

I knew you wouldn't let me down! Is that the normal spelling, or do you insist on losing letters, or replacing them altogether entirely? (I hope not..)

"Yes it is the normal spelling, and no, we won't be losing any letters or changing them. It wouldn't make sense if we did." CuJario looked at Calla with a surprised expression, almost impressed that he knew how the acronym "FUBAR" was spelled.

And.. done. All right! Next topic!

You there, lad! You seem to be the leader of the team, here. Why don't you tell me about yourself? Please make it interesting! I'm not filing a police report, you know. I don't get paid for this, either. I do it for the stories people tell! Everyone has a story! (Some are better than others, though. That's for sure..) However, I do hope yours isn't filled to the brim with angst and darkness, you know. We have enough of that as it is with the recent crises we've been going through!

"Alright..." CuJario started, leaning back in his chair and taking a breath.

If you insist on weaving a yarn of incredible sadness and general malaise, please make it good. I'll discern the necessary details from your story and put it down in the log book here.

"Okay, I'm former military. Been serving for a good majority of my life, and had to retire. I started off in infantry, working hard and moving my way up into special forces at age twenty. From there I continued to work until I decided to move into covert operations with my partner, dealing with jobs that namely focused on intelligence, and other things like that. I found love, lost her and all that jazz during my career, which you don't need to know about. Number one thing is that my partner died, and I was forced to retire early. So I came to Tao and decided that I would be more suited to being a rescuer." He nodded, finishing his story.

"I came here because I think I might be able to make a difference, and that is what I intend to do." He firmly stated, receiving a smile from Scarlet.

What an enchanting tale! I can see why you'd probably like to join the Rogues.

"You mean Rescuers, you should write that down if you are so forgetful." CuJario growled, seeing Calla make changes with a slight smirk.

And you there, lass, what is your story? Your leader has done an excellent job of keeping me awake at this late hour, I hope you do the same!

Scarlet looked aside, and finally spoke after taking a moment to think.

"I am part of a large family, most of which are usually very busy. I've been training on my own in order to become a Rescuer, and my parents have given me much love and support once they found out about it. I kept working at it, because they told me not only did I have to be strong, but I would have to have a powerful partner. Eventually I met up with CuJario when he was walking around on one of the paths, and he explained where he was from, what he did, and that he pretty much had no idea what to do, or where to go. We got along very well during our walk, and I invited him to dinner with my family. We all hit it off, and hearing about how he was in the military made my parents realize that this is the partner I had been looking for all this time. They told me if I wanted to go, they would let me so long as he was leader of the team, and the one I went with on missions." She explained, smiling a bit.

"It was one of the best decisions I have ever made." She laughed, stopping herself and putting both her paws over her mouth with a slight blush.

Very well, then! It seems I have all I need in order to register you here in our peaceful Tao Village! Just to make sure all the facts are correct, please look over them and sign your initials at the bottom! Don't forget to sign off on your belongings! You wouldn't believe how many people forget their accessories, only to leave them here with me! (Please don't do that, I have so many things cluttering up my attic in dusty old boxes..)

"Alright, works for me." CuJario grinned, practically tearing through the paperwork. He filled out the information he needed to add before handing the remaining stuff to Scarlet, whom spoke with Calla while her partner was working. CJ was the one to remain silent as he pondered when his ally would finish her half of the paperwork.

Team Name: Team FUBAR Rank: Farfetch'd

Member 1: CuJario (Leader)  (Lucario) Male
Member 2: Scarlet (Partner) (Ninetales)         Female
Member 3: Kilowatt (Partner) (Electivire) Male
Member 4: Male/Female

Member 1 moves:
Name: Bullet Punch – CuJario has two different ways of attacking with this move. He may throw a flurry of punches either at a (medium range) distance, or at close range. On top of this, he can fire one powerful punch either close to an opponent, or at a moderate distance away that does more damage.

Name: Drain Punch – Utilizing his Kenpo training to maximize the power and energy behind this blow, CuJario coating his fist with red aura as he throws one of the many types of strikes used in that form of combat. Upon hitting the foe, it saps energy from them, giving CJ strength that allows him to do more. He can also combine this with his Bullet Punch in a pinch to make the opponent lose a serious amount of energy, and possibly give up on fighting before the battle becomes bloody.

Name: Blaze Kick – CuJario's signature move. He spins rapidly on his right (or left) leg, building up friction and heat. This turns his leg into what would be comparable to a searing-hot branding iron. Due to his training in Kenpo, he can throw a variety of kicks that would allow him to strike with punches and other attacks that become available to him. Though he will most often Thai-kick or knee an opponent with his searing hot leg. This is more of a status-type attack instead of just having a blazing leg striking an opponent, thus it takes more time to prepare.

Name: Shadow Claw – Forming crimson red claws around his paws, CuJario slashes and stabs at any and all foes in a large variety of ways. Due to his aura, CuJario's shadow claw is not the typical purple-ish color. The ghost-like entity forms all the way up to his shoulders much like crimson translucent armor for one's arms. However, they do not provide any added protection. CuJario can block, parry, and strike efficiently with the claws, but they are not primarily used for defense.    

Member 2 moves:
Name: Flamethrower – Scarlet's signature attack, almost always used for taking out opponents at a distance, or great range. Instead of the usual wave of fire, she breathes a more precise ball of fire that engulfs a medium sized target in flame upon impact.

Name: Extrasensory – Scarlet uses this technique to inflict damage on a foe by detecting them before they are seen, and then waving her paws. This is imbued with psychic power that is more like a shockwave inside the target's body instead of on the exterior.

Name: Dark Pulse – Drawing in the psychic power Scarlet has, and unleashing it either through her mouth or around her paws as a painful black wave of aura, Scarlet can engage individual and multiple foes with this attack, much like CuJario.

Name: Iron Tail – Scarlet slams the foe with her tails in a few different ways. It can be a side-swipe, more like a sweeping motion, a simple slam, or she can point the tails over her head and strike with more piercing force as a scorpion would. Due to having nine tails, her scorpion-like stance can attack rapidly, but only at a close range.

Member 3 moves:
Name: Ice Punch – Kilowatt uses his boxing style to strike the opponent with an icy fist. Often he will coat his fist in the sharp spiked ice in order to maul the foe with heavy and damaging slugs.

Name: Fire Punch – Setting his fist or fists ablaze, Kilowatt strikes the foe rapidly a multitude of times with flaming blows. Often he will grapple a foe with the flaming hands to subdue them, and finish off what needs to be done.

Name: Brick Break – A single powerful blow that is capable of shattering bricks and barriers. (As well as the occasional door.) Kilowatt normally uses this to either finish off a strong foe, or break through something to make a path for his allies.

Name: Thunderbolt – Loosing a strong electric blast, Kilowatt shocks the living hell out of his foe. Often he will form a "thunderbolt" in his hand and hurl it at the foe like a javelin, or clamp the opponent with his wires and continually shock them until they submit or otherwise.

Member 4 moves:

Member 1 accessories:
-One black bandana CuJario wears on his head, his ears poke out the top. The bandana covers a majority of his head too, just above the eyes. This is also made of fire-resistant cloth.
-A black collared cloak worn around CuJario's shoulders. This is fire resistant, and has many pockets for storage for items or gear he may need on a mission.
-One black fire-resistant cloth sash, worn across the waist like a belt. This is tied and hanging over a bit on his right side.

Member 2 accessories:
-A bell collar worn around the neck.
-A set of lacy bands, one around the front forepaws.

Member 3 accessories:
Member 4 accessories:

Desired Guild affiliation: Rescuers

By signing here, you agree that the above information is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.

Signature 1: Lieutenant "Redbody" CuJario Date: 3/17/2012
Signature 2: Scarlet Date: 3/17/2012
Signature 3: Seargent Jasper "Kilowatt" Evans Date: 7/5/2012
Signature 4: Date:

What's that, you say? There is only two of you? Of course I know that! I do have eyes, you know! What if, during your travels, you decide to recruit, or add on an extra member to your team? Would you really want them to fill out all this paperwork from scratch? There's no problem with me for that, I assure you! This is just a convenient foresight! There is only room enough for four signatures on here, though, so please, no more members than that!

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." CuJario grinned, seeing Scarlet hand back the paperwork with a smile.

Well, now! I don't think I'll keep you here any longer, I have everything I need from you! I haven't broken any records for time tonight, though. Your story took up quite a bit of it! (Thankfully, it didn't put me to sleep.. it's happened before). Oh well! Time to conclude our business here!

CuJario and Scarlet were then hastily pushed out into the office, the Lucario trying to reach for their things, but unable to do so as the door nearly slammed on his hands. He turned around baring his fangs, and pounded on the door.

"Hey, desk jockey! We need our stuff back!" He shouted, a bit of snarl in his voice. He never did enjoy paperwork, much less those that wasted his time on it when it wasn't needed. As soon as he spoke, the door opened, and their belongings were launched at them, hitting CuJario in the gut and knocking him to the ground.

"Oh, sorry, gotta get back to work now~!" Calla shut the door as soon as CJ began to sit up, the Lucario obviously being irked to no end.

"You alright CJ..?" Scarlet asked, looking at her partner with a tinge of worry in her voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He stood up, starting to put on his clothing as he assisted Scarlet with her collar. From there they decided on heading home so they could warm up, and possibly enjoy a good book in peace.

Kilowatt's Registration

     "Ahh, yes! The fabled new member of the team that stood out in the rain for hours before finally knocking! I remember them! Come in! It's nice to see that you knocked immediately. Shows initiative!" Callan the Registrar spoke up as he opened the door, seeing a burly and bright-eyed Electivire standing in front of the enterance. It was strange how fast the Ninetales whipped open the door, as if he was expecting the electric yeti to have knocked at that time. Once entering and having a seat, Kilowatt folded his arms in front of him awaiting either a load of paperwork, or some mocking statements from Calla. Thankfully CJ informed him of how the Ninetales was.

      "Most of your information has already filled out by them, but please, for posterity, tell me about yourself! How did you come to meet that raggedy duo of Pokemon and become so interested in them that you decided to join? Do tell!" He eagerly spoke,

     "Raggedy duo? Sorry, even dogface would not qualify as raggedy. Same goes for Scarlet. Either way I met CJ at that magic show in Alolamola and decided to join up from there since I have "retired" from my line of work."

     "Quite interesting!" He exclaimed, obviously faking his interest. "That seems to be everything I need!"

     "Go out now, and get some rest! I doubt you'll live to regret your decisions!" He remarked as he practically pushed Kilowatt out the door after finishing the paperwork. He seemed to be in some sort of a hurry.

     "Yeah, fuck you too." Kilowatt spat before heading back to his team. Calla had already slammed the door shut, possibly early enough to not have heard his response.
New 2.0 version of Team FUBAR's application to :iconpmd-explorers: More will be added later!


Note2: CuJario's aura is crimson red. kthanks.

Visual References:


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